Introduction: How to Carve Pumpkin Properly (with Pictures)

It's almost Halloween and one of my family traditions is to carve a pumpkin every year. So today I'm going to teach you how to carve a pumpkin properly for Halloween.

Step 1: How to Pick the Perfect Pumpkin

To start you need to pick you pumpkin. To do so, you need to pick a pumpkin that has at least one clean and flat side to it. You can get pumpkins at pumpkin patches, stores, and roadside stands. It doesn't have to be perfect mine's not as long a you draw on it'll be fine, but it still has to be clean.

Step 2: Cut Off the Top

Get an adult or older sibling to cut of the top, just big enough to fit your hand inside.

Step 3: Clean the Inside

This is the most important step and the funnest, you have to get all the pulp and seeds out of the pumpkin. If you don't get all the pulp out it'll start to rot and stink. Plus you don't want to see pumpkin pulp hanging from the sides of the pumpkin. You might not get all the seeds out, that's fine mainly on get all the pulp out. You can use your hands or spoon to get all the insides.

Step 4: Design Your Pumpkin

You can use a pencil or a pen, Either one you pick make sure you do it lightly so when you cut it afterwards it wont show marks. So when you go to cut the pumpkin it'll be easier for you to cut.

Step 5: Cutting Time

For this part you will need an older sibling or a parent to supervise or guide you through cutting the pumpkin. You have to make sure you all the way through. Make sure to follow your design Once you cut out a part of pumpkin there is going to be some pulp, just cut it off with the knife.

Step 6: The Master Piece

Once your done you'll have properly carved pumpkin for Halloween. Happy Halloween to everyone hope you learned from this Instructable.