Introduction: How to Carve the Perfect Pumpkin

Here is where I will go over how me and my family make great pumpkin carvings for our favorite holiday!

Step 1: Step One: Gather All You Need. Don't Forget the Pumpkin!

When carving a pumpkin for Halloween, you are going to need the following materials:

1. A pumpkin carving pattern book. You can find this little books almost anywhere you go during spooky season, most even come with a carving kit. However the kits aren't the best for carving.

2. A BIG steak knife. If your pumpkin is on the bigger side of the scale than you're gonna want a long steak knife. That way you will be able to cut deep into the pumpkin to get the top off.

3. A Sharpie. Some people like to free hand their pumpkin carvings and all they need at their side is a Sharpie!\

4. A Spoon. After you get the top open, you are going to want to use the spoon to get all the guts out of that pumpkin.

5. And last but not least THE PUMPKIN! You can't forget the very thing you're carving!

Step 2: Step 2: Get Slimy

Make sure you have an old T-shirt on because you are going to get messy. You can use aprons too if you like but an older T-shirt will do. The messiness comes from the inside of the pumpkin. After you have used your knife to cut an opening at the stem part of the pumpkin, you have to clean the guts out.

Taking the spoon, you scrape the spoon along the edges of the pumpkin so all the seeds and strings fall the the bottom of the pumpkin. Now, this is the slimy part. Take your hand and grab all the guts and put them either in a bowl to feed to chickens or in the garbage. If you have more than one person carving, then have a couple larger bowls on stand by to collect all the gut.

Be careful to not put pumpkin on your outfit. You will smell like pumpkin for the rest of the day.

Step 3: Step 3: Time to Carve!

Now that you emptied your pumpkin of all it's guts, Its time to carve your design. Taking the pattern book, pick any design you see if the book. Or if you don't like any of the design you can take your sharpie and draw the design your self.

Carefully trace the pattern with your knife, following the spots that are dark grey. Don't be afraid to ask for help! The curved surface of the pumpkin can make it hard to keep the pattern straight.

Step 4: Step 4: Jut Add the Candle

Congrats! You have successfully finished making your Pumpkin! Every pumpkin is unique in their shape, size and you just made it all the more you. Remember, when it comes to Halloween night, leave the candle run all night so when Trick-or-Treaters come around, they know that you are passing candy.

I hope your Halloween is fun and safe and wish everyone Trick-or-Treating a big good luck.