Introduction: How to Change Color on Photoshop

In this tutorial you will learn how to change color on photoshop

Step 1: Find a Image You Are Able Top Work With.

You should find an image that you are able to change a lot about and with lots of opportunities for you to change color and shades. Black and white pictures will work best.

Step 2: Brainstorm Ideas on What You Want to Manipulate in That Picture.

In this step you take a long look at the picture and come up with ideas on what you want to add color to.

Step 3: Find a Good Starting Spot

In this step you need to look at your picture and find a spot with the largest area that needs changing and start there.

Step 4: Select the Part of the Image to Change.

For this step you will need the lasso tool. With this tool you need to draw around the section you are changing.

Step 5: Add a Hue/Saturation Layer

To add this layer you click the circle button with a line through it towards the bottom of the layers panel. After you click that button you go up to where it says, Hue/Saturation.

Step 6: Click on the Colorize Box

You will find a small box under the sliders that says,"colorize" chick that box and choose which color you want to change the section to.

Step 7: Slide the Sliders to Choose Which Color You Want to Use.

In this step you will see three sliders that will allow you to be able to change the shade/color of the section you selected.

Step 8: Change the Brightness of the Section.

In this step you will see a brightness slider, this slider will allow you to change how bright you want the color to be changed to in the selected section.

Step 9: Change the Opacity

In this step you will find a opacity drop down menu towards the middle of the page, click the dropdown and adjust how much of the original image you want to see.

Step 10: Repeat These Steps for Each Section

After you change the opacity you are ready to continue to the next section and follow these steps for each section.