Introduction: How to Change Yarn in Crochet (technique #1)

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In today's Instructable, I want to share with you, one of my favorites techniques to change yarn when we're crocheting.

In my personal opinion, this technique is perfect to be used at the beginning of a row or a round, but if you want to, you can use it also in a row or round in progress =).

Let's begin! =)


Don't forget to watch the video tutorial =)

Step 1: Video Tutorial

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0:13 Step by step

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4:58 Ending

Step 2: Step by Step

For this example, my main yarn is going to be the Green one, while the pink yarn will be the one that we’re going to add to our current project.

To make it easier, we’re going to name Main Yarn, the one that we have been using so far, which in my case will be the green one, and Secondary Yarn, the one that we are going to add, which in my case will be the pink one.

Step 3: Step by Step

We are going to take the Secondary Yarn and make an inverted "U"(not too big).

You're going to hold it with the thumb and index finger of your left hand.

Step 4: Step by Step

Now grab your project, pass the hook through the inverted "U" that we are holding with our left hand, and pull the hook (with the Secondary Yarn on it), through the last loop that we made with the Main Yarn.

Step 5: Step by Step

Now, take the Main Yarn and pull it until its last loop disappears completely, and the only loop that you can see, is the one made with the Secondary Yarn.

Step 6: Step by Step

Now, take and pull the Secondary Yarn, until the chain has the same size as the ones that we made with the Main Yarn. You can use the grip of the hook to help you in this.

Once that the chain looks like the others, you can restart your project, but now, using the Secondary Yarn.

Step 7: Step by Step

It is really important to secure the new yarn.

To do it, you only need to hide the leftovers of both yarns, in the first stitches right after the change.

To make it: when you pass the hook through the top of the stitch, you must put the leftovers of both yarns, over the hook.

Step 8: Step by Step

As soon as we've finished the first stitch with the Secondary Yarn, we are going to take a closer look at our project, because we might need to retouch the first stitch made with the Secondary Yarn and/or the last stitch made with the Main Yarn, but this is completely up to you and how you see your project, if it looks good, you can keep working, but if it doesn’t, this is the moment to pull the right leftover and make the right adjustment.

Once that your project looks perfect, you can keep working the row or round as usual.

Don’t forget to hide the leftovers.

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