Introduction: How to Change a Tire (gocart, Lawn Mower, Ect.)

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In this instructable, I will demonstrate how to buy and change tires for a go cart or lawn mower.

It is targeted for people who don't have a clue, or have questions. "????"

This will also save money instead of hauling you machine to the mechanic.

You will need:

an assortment of wrenches. (depending on the size of nut you tire uses)

a jack (or a log, cinder block)

a little time.

Lets get started!

Step 1: Check If Your Tire Is Tubeless.

On a tube tire, there will be nuts around the center of the rim.

If it only has one nut in the center, it is tubeless.

Also check the fine print around the tire. It may say what type of tire it is.

Step 2: Check the Size of Your Tire.

The 3 groups of numbers on the tire, determine what the size is.

The first number determines the the diameter (or thickness) of the tire.

The second determines the width of a tire.

And the third determines the rim size.

If you are replacing a set of tires, check the rear tire size as well. Sometimes the tires in the back are larger,

Making sure the size is correct is crucial! You could lose money if you bought the tires online and can't return them (If you could return them, the shipping would be expensive as well).

Step 3: Shop!

You can buy tires online at amazon with (possibly) free shipping if you have prime.

Just enter the tire size as it appears on the tire itself.

There are different types of tires. Some have an arrow grip or

and all-around grip for lawn mowers, It's your choice.

If you buy tires online check the reviews. You may be sorry later.

If you need an inner tube, just put "inner tube" next to the dimensions.

Or you could buy tires at Tractor Supply, but I found them to be more expensive for my size of tires.

Step 4: Placing the Jack.

Place a jack or a log to get the tire off the ground for removing it.

Step 5: Replacing a Tubeless Tire.

To remove a tubeless tire, there will be one large bolt to take off in the center.

Replacing the tire on the rim is very hard and time consuming if you don't have the tools or experience.

There are tutorials on Youtube for doing this.

If you are going to do this yourself you should also buy replacement stemsif the tires are old.

Or your new tires may not hold air.

I highly recommend taking it to a tire shop, It was $20 to change 4 tires. (normally the stem gets replaced as well when taken)

Now place the new tires on the axle, screw the bolt back on, and inflate the tire.

Step 6: Replacing a Tube Tire

Deflate the tire if necessary

Remove all 4 nuts from the rim, then remove it. (You may have to use a screw driver to pry it off)

Then take off the tire, remove the inner tube, place it in the new tire.

If you need to replace an inner tube, place the new tube in the new tire.(or place it in the original tire if you didn't buy a new tire)

Now place the tire on the inner rim, and then place the outer rim on the tire, making sure that the inner tube stem is in the hole of the rim, and that the rim doesn't pinch the inner tube when being bolted.

Now screw the rim back on, and inflate the tire.

Step 7: The End!!

Hopefully your new tire feels at home, and works correctly!

If you have tips or struggles please let me know in the comments, or Google them :)


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