Introduction: Combination Lock in Vanilla Minecraft

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In this Instructable you will learn to make a secret combination lock in vanilla Minecraft!

(Vanilla Minecraft is the term used for the "pure" version without add-ons)

I have some mods (like the kitchen), but they are not needed for this Instructable.

(In my other Instructable, you can learn how to install mods like this kitchen:

With this combination lock, you can make it set off TNT, or open a secret passage, the list goes on.

Here is a link to download this map(it won't have the kitchen because it is a mod):

Lets Go!

Step 1: The Circuit

This setup is a bit complicated, but once built, it is a major achievement. In this circuit, the redstone is always on, unless the combination is set.

In the newer versions of Minecraft, item frames emit a redstone signal with a comparator, based upon the rotation of the item inside placed inside. At rotation one, it emits one signal length, two emits two, etc.

For each item holder circuit, there is only one rotation number that will turn off the redstone signal, but if the remaining item holders combinations are incorrect, the redstone signal will keep the door from opening.

Supposing the position is above three (which is the answer for the daisy in the frame), the repeater will keep signal on, if the position is below three, the redstone torch will keep the signal on.

Lets get started!

Step 2: Building the Circuit

Place an item frame on one side of a wall, put an item in the frame, than on the other side(one block below) place the comparator down with the two torches facing the wall.

Now extend the blocks out by six (which corresponds to three on the daisy frame). More or less of these blocks will change the combination.

Now working backwards from the end, place a redstone, than a repeater facing away from the item frame, a redstone, now place a redstone torch on the side,below. Then place the rest of the blocks with redstone.

Remove a layer of blocks under this and place a block on the floor at the end, now place a redstone on it, put another one next to it on the ground, than work it backwards under the torch. (The pictures help with this part)

After doing 2 more, of different lengths, tie them together after the redstone on each has passed under the redstone torch.

After they are connected, place redstone to connect it to the pistons.(see pictures)

Step 3: Connect It to the Pistons

Now connect it to double stacked pistons. I prefer to use secret doors in corners.

You can replicate this setup with the pictures which is pretty straightforward, but this Instructable is for the combination part.

It doesn't have to open a secret door, it can activate any thing you want (with redstone that is) :)

Step 4: Test!

If all goes well, rotate the items corresponding to the combination you have set and the door should open!

Don't forget to make the item frames look conspicuous :)

This is kind of hard to explain, and may cause some trial and error (it did to me), but there are videos on Youtube about this, just search "Redstone Combination Lock", and it may clear up some confusion.

I prefer the tutorial from the Mumbo Jumbo channel, but there are others.

This is one of my favorite builds, and I hope you enjoy! :)

If I missed something please let me know ;) Thanks!

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