How to Delete an 'ible

Introduction: How to Delete an 'ible

So this was an 'ible on how to choreograph a dance, but I didn't like it. So I tried to delete it, but it was a contest entry so I can't :( I decided to make use of it though, so this is an 'ible on how to delete an 'ible. (You have to have made it in the first place though, you can't delete other people's 'ibles!)

Step 1: Delete

All you have to do Is go onto your 'ible that you want to delete and click edit. Then under the bar that shows the pictures you upload, there on the left is a button that is three dots with three lines next to it. right next to that is a little button with an arrow pointing down. Click on it, and it will come up with a small list of options. Press delete, then confirm that by pressing the red button 'delete' that comes up. Done!

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