Introduction: How to Clean Your Leather Bag or Purse

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Everyone loves leather. A good leather bag can be fashionable and stylish. However, the only way you can make your leather purse last is by learning how to clean it in the right manner. While cleaning your leather bag, avoid using bleach-based cleaners or ammonia since they can damage the leather surface. You should also be careful with water since it may stain the leather surface. Without much ado, let move to our educative tutorial of how to clean your leather bag. Follow the seven simple steps listed below, and you will be good to go.

What You Require

  • % cup of distilled water
  • Gentle hand soap You can also use baby shampoo
  • Small spray bottle
  • A small regular towel
  • Lint-free cloth
  • Mixing spoon
  • A small brush with bristles

Step 1: Start by Brushing Off the Dry Dust

To make your cleaning more efficient, work a soft-bristled brush gently over the leather surface to remove any dust and loose dirt.

Step 2: After Working Out a Soft-bristled Brush, Shake Off Any Loose Dust

Begin by emptying your leather purse. Make sure that you unzip all the interior pockets and turn the purse upside down. Shake the purse vigorously to get rid of any debris or dust. Be sure to throw out all uncapped pens and transfer your makeup to another bag.

Step 3: Prepare the Cleaning Solution

At this point, make sure that you have the distilled water plus the baby shampoo or the gentle hand soap.

Add 2-3 drops of the hand soap or the baby shampoo to about 1/4 cup of the distilled water and mix thoroughly to create a clear cleaning solution.

Step 4: Transfer Your Cleaning Solution From Step 3 to a Spray Bottle

Maybe you are wondering why it must be a spray bottle. Well, you will need to make sure that the cleaning cloth doesn’t get waterlogged otherwise it will saturate your leather. This is the reason behind the use of the spray bottle. Preferably, you can use a water jar to transfer the cleaning solution to the spray bottle comfortably.

Step 5: Use the Cleaning Solution to Dampen a Lint-free Cloth

Avoid spraying the cleaning solution directly to your leather bag. Spray it on the lint-free cloth and proceed to step 6 below.

Step 6: Use the Dampened Lint-free Cloth to Clean Your Leather Purse

Using the dampened end of the lint-free cloth, wipe your bag gently. The strong cleaning solution helps in removing the dirt from the leather surface. As you wipe your purse, you will see the dirt coming off attached to the cloth. Be sure to clean all the surfaces of your bag. Clean all the buckles, straps and flaps. Most of the time people tend to forget the bottom of the bag, so be sure to clean the bottom part as well.

Step 7: Use the Regular Towel to Dry Your Leather Bag

Avoid drying your bag in direct sunlight. Once you are done with the cleaning, use a small towel to dry and beige it. Once you dry it using the towel, you can allow it sometime before using it again.