Introduction: ​How to Clean a Dry Mop

Since too much wet clean can damage hardwood flooring and especially damage laminate flooring. I prefer to clean floor with a dry mop to protect flooring for its using life. But the nervous thing is how to clean the dry mop pad.

After cleaned one or two rooms, the mop pad is fully filled with dust, I don’t know how the other one does clean to the pad, to wash or changing a spare pad? Anyhow, only remove the dusted pad from its frame, it's already a dirty job.

With PVC pipes and fittings, I found a way to leave this dirty job to a vacuum cleaner. After this, I never wash mop again and the mop pad can be used more longer time.

Here is how I made a dry mop cleaner with PVC.

All of the materials could be found in local hardware stores.

Step 1: Materials and Tools


¾” cross x 2

¾” tee x 5

¾” elbow x 6

¾” cap x 4

¾” coupling x 2

¾” pipe 1.5” length x 4

¾” pipe 2” length x 12

¾” pipe 3” length x 2

¾” pipe 5 1/4” length x 1

¾” pipe 6” length x 1

¾” x 1” elbow x 1

1” coupling x 1

1” pipe (Class200pe grade) 2” length x 1


Hack Saw

Measuring devices



Step 2: Make Nozzles (make Parts)

As pictures:

1. Cut off 1/8" on the middle line of 3/4" cross x 2 (see the pictures)

2. Cut off 1/8" on the middle line of 3/4" elbow x 4

3. Cut off 1/8" on one side of the middle line of 3/4" tee x 2

4. Cut off 1/8" on 3/4" pipe 2" length x 6

5. Cut out 1/2" from 3/4" cap x 2 ( the red circled are needed parts )

Step 3: Make Nozzles (assemble)

Use the made parts in last step and

¾” cap x 2

¾” pipe 1.5” length x 2

¾” pipe 2” length x 2

assemble 2 nozzles as showing in pictures, and glue.

Step 4: Merge Nozzles and Build Vacuum Cleaner Connector

Connect two nozzles with one 3/4" tee and the tee connect to 3/4"x1" elbow with a 3/4" x 6" length pipe and then connect to a 1" coupling which is the connector to vacuum cleaner hose (Here is one tip: Use thin 1" pipe "Class200pe grade" to connect 1" coupling to the elbow.). Glue them.

The size fit 32mm hose. The 32mm is a popular hose size of vacuum cleaner. It fits my Hoover very well.

Step 5: Assemble Handle

Make a handle with elbow x 2 and 5 1/4" length pipe and 3" length pipes, then connect to merged nozzles which were made in last step.

Step 6: Make Parts and Assemble Side Supporters

Cut 3/4" plugs, use the plug bottoms to plug each side cross on the nozzles, and then assemble and glue to 3/4" coupling and 3/4" tee on each side (The connecting pipes are 1.5" and 2" length which are indicated in pictures.). The mop cleaner is finished now. Connect the vacuum cleaner, slide mop on the nozzle to clean dust.

In my prototype, I used 1" pipes to instead of 3/4" couplings, since I just no couplings in my hand at that moment. They also work well.

Hope you like it. Thank you for watching.

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