Introduction: A Simplest Cleaning Mitt

A micro-filament cleaning cloth can clean the finest dust from gloss surface. With its special wedge-type fibers, this cloth can remove nano-meter size dust.

I would say, without wiping by this cloth, you cannot say something “really clean”.

Here I want to show a simple way to make a micro-filament cloth cleaning mitt. Only use a pair of scissors without any sewing.

To clean your window glass or mirror no spot, no streak be left and never use chemical again.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

1 PC micro-filament cleaning cloth

1 pair of scissors

Step 2: Cutting on the Cleaning Cloth

Fold the cleaning cloth first.

Fold a piece of microfilament cloth to right in half, and fold it to down again.

Cut strips on both left and right side.

Step 3: Tie Strips Together to Get the Cleaning Mitt

Tie strips together on both side. I prefer tie each next as the picture. The micro-filament cloth is very strange. It would not be broken. And it can be washed a hundred times.

Rinse thoroughly before use. Wiping your mirror glass to see the amazing result.

Thanks for watching.

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