Introduction: How to Combine 2 Movies in One Poster Using Adobe Photoshop

today we are going to teach you how to modify movie posters or images to portray two different movies on one poster


Adobe photoshop.

Step 1: Finding an Inserting the Two Movies You Want to Use

first you need to find a movie poster you want to use as your background and I chose one of my favorite movies toy story and decided to combine it with images from my favorite movie Shrek

Step 2: Cut Out and Place the Images Where You Want in Your Poster

some of these images you will need to use only a part of there body so you will use the lasso tool and cut out which piece of the image you want to use and insert it where you want them to go

Step 3: Editing the Logo

Next let's partially change part of the logo using the spot healer tool and the clone stamp tool

Step 4: Modify Then Insert New Logo

Since I used a logo with a white background I used the Eraser tool to get rid that background so the logo was transparent and looked clean when in the movie poster

Step 5: Remove Old Characters

I wanted to remove the slinky dog from toy story so i can put in fiona and donkey in from shrek used the spot healer to get rid of the dog and then I used the pixels from the patches on the bed to make it look like he wasn't even there

Step 6: Insert New Characters

Insert shrek and fiona from toy story in a way that looks natural

Step 7: Fix the Characters

Now that you have all your characters inserted make sure they look neat and natural by using clone stamp and eraser to make your character in my case farquad's face line up more where woody's face once was

Step 8: Make Characters Look More Natural

use clone stamp and spot healer so your character in my case shrek is looking more natural over buzz lightyears face.

Step 9: Create a New Hue and Saturation and Then Modify It So Your Poster Can Look Brighter and More Lively

Step 10: Crop Poster

Crop your image so it looks like a realistic movie poster and then you have a combined movie poster