Introduction: How to Convert Portrait Video to Landscape?

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Recently, I have organized all my collections of videos I recorded with my smartphone. I found some of them are in portrait orientation for viewing on the computer. It is not uncommon to record a video clip with mobile phone at a wrong orientation. Many people have had this before I believe. Instead of turning my head 90 degrees to watch them, I want to get them play vertically. Fortunately, there are many tools available to help me convert portrait video to landscape for playback.

Step 1: Use Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker is a pre-installed video editor for users who are using the system lower than Win 10. If you are unfortunately having Win 10 on your computer, you have to download the Windows Essential 2012 software suite to get it. Let’s get started to rotate the video in it.

  • Open Movie Maker, drag the video in portrait orientation into the right panel.
  • Click Home tab on the top of the program interface and click Rotate left 90° or Rotate right 90° to correct the orientation.
  • Drop down Meun, click Save movie from it and choose the quality you want to save the video.

Step 2: Use VLC Player

VLC is a full-featured multimedia player. Most of people have it on their computers. To rotate portrait video to landscape, this is a nice tool to try.

  • Open the file in question in VLC by clicking Media > Open File…, drop down Tools from the top menu bar and choose Effects and Filters from it.
  • Click Video Effects > Geometry, enable Transform checkbox and choose the way you want to rotate your video.

Step 3: Use Video Grabber

Video Grabber is an online tool which has three functions - download, convert and record. It’s free and people can start their job immediately. To convert portrait video to landscape, we should log in the web first.

  • Click Convert tab, hit Select files to Convert and browse for the video.
  • Click Edit button to open the Advanced Settings window, go to find Rotate Video option, from there to choose the degree to rotate the video and click OK.
  • Click Format, select one for the video and click Convert to start saving it to the computer.