Introduction: How to Remove Background Noise From Video?

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We often film video with our phone. They help us record the moment we want to memorize. But you will always come across this that when you view the videos, they have heavy background noise. Maybe it is minor or maybe it is destroying your video. How can we remove background noise from video? Is there any tool that can do this. The answer is definitely yes. I got a full guide for you to remove background noise from video based on its simplicity and functionality.

Step 1: Extract Audio File From the Video

As we are going to use audio editor to process the background, the very beginning thing we need to do is to rip the audio from video without any loss of quality. There are quite a lot of audio rippers in Google. The one I like most is Video Grabber. Like my previous thread mentioned, this online service can do many things. It can help to rotate videos shot in wrong direction, download videos and record videos and sound. Sorry, I get it too far. Back to this topic, Video Grabber can directly convert video to audio quickly and the sound quality will be kept maximally. Let's check the steps.

  1. Access the web service, click "Convert Video" > "Select files to Convert" to add the video to process.
  2. Click option "Format" at the bottom and enable "MP3" which is the format the video will be converted to.
  3. Click "Convert" on bottom right and the created audio sound track will be saved to your hard drive.

Step 2: Remove Background Noise in the Sound Track

This time we will use Audacity, a free and well-known open source audio editor to complete this task. It is also very easy to use when it comes to removing background noise.

  1. Open Audacity, and load the audio file to process. You can listen to the entire audio and make sure the portion where you can hear the noise. Select that portion through a click or drag way.
  2. Go to “Effect” tab on the top toolbar and choose “Noise Removal…” from the dropdown list.
  3. You will find a box “Noise Removal” will pop up. I highly suggest you leave the settings default, then click on “Get Noise Profile” > “OK”. Audacity will magically remove most of the background noise from the audio file and export the soundtrack as a new MP3 file on your hard drive.
  4. Replace the audio in the video with this fixed one.

Step 3: Replace the Audio in the Video With the Fixed One

After we get the corrected sound track, we can move on to the final step: replace the old audio file with new fixed one in the video. The free program we will use is Windows Live Movie Maker.

  1. Open Movie Maker on your computer. It's a pre-installed software on Windows. Drag and drop the video to the right panel.
  2. Click "Edit" on the top right of the toolbar section, find "Video Volume" and move its to the left end to turn off the sound in the video.
  3. Still under "Edit" tab, find the option "Add music", drop it down to choose "Add music..." and you can import the fixed audio file and place it from the start of the video.
  4. Click "Play" button on the player to preview the video. If it is ok, click the "Menu" button and "Save movie" to save the video as an MP4 or WMV file in your computer.