Introduction: How to Make Video Black and White?

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The technology of modern photography and filming makes an average person a specialist in shooting photos and videos. We can always produce a vivid video in full color. But sometimes we want to make things a little different, for example, make an old fashioned black and white look to your video. There are many filming apps in the smartphone that can shoot video in black and white effect. When you wish to apply the B/W effect to the raw footages, I think you need free programs below.

Step 1: Use YouTube Editor

YouTube editor usually comes into our mind especially when need correct some details of a video before uploading it to YouTube. In fact, if you are familiar with it enough, you will know it has 29 filter options. It cannot only make video black and white, but also create a video in different color level. Check the steps below to make video black and white.

  • Open YouTube editor in your browser and get your video in the editor.
  • When the file is fully loaded, click "Filters" and choose "Black and White" from the styles.
  • Preview the edited video on the left window.
  • Click "Save" and the video will be converted to black and white.

Step 2: Use Movie Maker

Movie Maker is a commonly used video editor for customizing video basically. People often use them to split video, add captions or music to the video. We can also use Movie maker to apply black and white effect to the video.

  • Import the footage by clicking “Add videos and photos”. You can also drag the file to Movie Maker.
  • Go to “Visual Effects” and click on “Black and white”. This effect will come into effect immediately. We can preview it on the player.
  • Click "File" > "Save movie" to choose your preferred quality for saving the file, Movie Maker will convert your color video footage into black and white automatically.

Step 3: Use IMovie

iMovie can help to create the classic black and white feel to the video on Mac or iOS devices. This is very easy to achieve like Microsoft Windows Movie Maker does if you are having an Apple device to make video black and white.

  • Click “File” > “Import” > “Movies” to add the footage to iMovie.
  • Drag the footage to the “Project” window, double click on it and a box will open.
  • Click on “Video Effect” and choose “Black and White”, then the B/W effect will be applied immediately.