Introduction: How to Cook 1 Minute Poached Eggs

By no mean should this replace well cooked poached egg using traditional methods, this is a quick and easy way to cook them if you are short on time.

This method is perfect for lunches or meals on the go.

Step 1: Fill a Coffee Cup Half Full With Water.

Step 2: Next Crack the Egg Into the Water.

Step 3: Sit a Plate on Top of the Cup.

Step 4: Place the Cup and Plate Into the Microwave.

Set the timer for 1 minute.

Hit start and wait.

This way of poaching is great if you’re making a Caesar salad for work, you can have a freshly poached egg instead of a hard-boiled egg.

Once the egg has cooked a minute, remove the cup and plate from the microwave.

Step 5: Scoop Out the Egg Using a Slotted Spoon.

Step 6: Done!

This should replace traditionally poached eggs but is a handy trick.