How to Cook BBQ Mac and Cheese




Introduction: How to Cook BBQ Mac and Cheese

This recipe will take mac and cheese to the next level, it had everything you love about gives it a little more flavour and a hit of smokeness.

Step 1: To Start, Light a Chimney of Charcoal.

Lay out the charcoal in two piles, one bigger then the other creating two heat points.

Place two large cast iron pots over the charcoal.

Step 2: Over the Larger Pile of Coal, Fill the Pot With Water.

Once it starts to simmer, add a pinch of salt.

Next, add three cups of macaroni.

Mix to the macaroni into the water.

Step 3: In the Other Pot Which Is at a Lower Temp Add a Knob of Butter.

Add a ¼ of a cup of plain flour to create a rue.

Heat and mix until the butter fully melt and the flour cooks through.

Step 4: Next Slowly Add 1 and Half Cups of Milk Bit by Bit.

Don’t freak out, it will clump up to start.

Once all the milk has been adding, let it cook for a couple of minutes.

Add a small piece of bacon next to the larger pile of charcoal.

Step 5: Add This Point You’re Now Made a Béchamel.

To kick up the flavour add:

  • 1 tsp black pepper
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1 tsp onion powder
  • 1 tsp garlic powder
  • 1 tsp hot paprika

Mix into the sauce.

Step 6: Now to Turn This Into a Cheese Sauce.

Add 1 cup of cheddar cheese.

Followed by one cup of mozzarella.

Make sure to keep a little for the topping.

Mix the cheese into the sauce, they will melt and combine with the béchamel giving you a beautiful thick and creamy cheese sauce.

Step 7: After About 15 Minutes the Macaroni Should Be Most Cooked Through.

Drain the water from the macaroni.

Step 8: Move the Cheese Sauce Off the Heat.

Next slice up the bacon into the small pieces.

Step 9: Add the Macaroni to the Sauce and Mix Through.

Add the bacon and combine.

Then mac and cheese are already looking good.

Step 10: To Finish It Off, Pour Into a Dish.

Level out the mac and cheese before topping with bread crumbs for a beautiful crust.

Finally, add a little more grated cheddar cheese.

Step 11: To Add a Little Hint of Smoke, I’m Add Some Apple Wood.

Place the dish opposite the charcoal.

Cover with the lid, cook until the bread crumbs and cheese create a crunchy top.

Step 12: There You Have It! BBQ Mac and Cheese.

This recipe takes the humble mac and cheese to the next level.

Perfect for any shared lunch or BBQ.

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    Tip 4 years ago

    If you have a favorite BBQ rub that you like to use, you can sprinkle a little on top of the M&C to tie the flavors together.