Introduction: How to Cook Baked Sweet Potatoes

I love the crispy outside and soft inside of a baked potato but when you add topping to them it takes them to the next level.

This video is more of a technique video because you can add or change any of the toppings you like.

Step 1: Take Your Sweet Potatoes and Using a Fork Poke Holes Into the Skin.

his will help the potato to breath when cooking because they have been known to explode.

For the topping, I'm going to using use one chorizo sausage slice into pieces.

Then some bacon.

Step 2: Now They're Ready to Cook.

Light a chimney of charcoal, I’m using Clean Heat Charcoal.

The temp should be sitting at about 350f or 180c. • Place your potatoes on the opposite side.

Cover with the lit and cook for one hour.

After an hour take the potatoes off and let cool until you can safely pick them up.

Step 3: While the Potatoes Are Cooling, Place a Cast Iron Pan Over the Heat and Fry Off the Bacon.

Once the bacon has begun to cook, add the chorizo.

The bacon and chorizo are done, take it off the heat.

Step 4: Now the Potatoes Have Cooled a Little, Slice Down the Centre and Push on the Sides to Open It Up.

Now the toppings.

First, some grated cheddar cheese to help hold it all together.

Next the chorizo and bacon.

Top with some sliced spring onion.

Finally, some more grated cheese.

Step 5: Place Back on the Bbq for 15 Minutes to Melt Cheese.

Once the cheese is melt and has started to go golden brown these sweet potatoes are ready to be served.

Step 6: To Finish Them Off Pour Over a Table Spoon of Sour Cream and Garnish With Some Fresh Chives.

There you have it! Baked Sweet Potatoes.

I love the crispy outside and soft inside of a baked potato with the topping adding a hit of flavour.

Feel free to try out other toppings.