How to Cook Picanha Steak (Beef Rump Cap)




Introduction: How to Cook Picanha Steak (Beef Rump Cap)

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Picanha is a popular cut of steak Brazil, also known as the rump cap.

This cut of steak is extremely tender and when cook on a spit is melt in your mouth.

Step 1: To Start Off You’ll Need a Rump Cap.

It’s not a common cut in Australia and the US as it's normally used for rump steaks.

The ideal size is about 1.5kg or 3.5 pounds.

First, trim off any excess fat and silver skin from the bottom.

Step 2: Now When It Comes to Slicing You Want to Follow the Fibres.

Slice into three to four pieces about 2 inches thick.

They are some good looking steaks.

Step 3: Take Your Spit Pole and Poke It Through the Thickest Side of the Meat First

Fold it over and pushed the pole through the other side.

Step 4: Season With Salt Flakes.

This is all we are going to use on this steak because the Picanha has a huge amount of natural flavour.

Make sure not to salt the fat, otherwise, you’ll need up with salty taste fat that will in turn, make the meat salty.

Let this sit for 15 or 20 to let the salt do its thing.

Step 5: Next Light a Chimney of Charcoal.

Place the steaks over the coals and start up your spit.

Let the Picanha cook for about 15 to 20 minutes until the outside has caramelised and the fat has started to render.

Step 6: Once the Outside Layer Is Cooked, Slice Off the Edge of the Steak.

It’s beautifully medium rare.

Step 7: As This Is an Eat As You Go Dish, Place the Picanha Back Over the Charcoal to Let It Continue to Cook.

Season with salt again.

Step 8: Cook, Slice and Repeat Over and Over.

This steak is melt in your mouth amazing!

This is a type of meal that you and a bunch of friends sit around for a couple of hours and slowly eat your way through the steaks.

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    2 years ago

    As a brazillian I gotta say, our barbecue is something every person in the world should taste. And picanha rules!


    2 years ago on Step 8

    This looks so amazing! I'm trying not to drool on my keyboard as I type this.