Introduction: How to Cook a Reverse Seared Prime Rib Roast (Roast Beef)

What is reverse sear I hear you ask.

By slowly bringing the steak to temperature and finishing it off with a hot sear in a cast iron pan, you can’t mess it up! Using this technique you get a roast that is cooked perfectly from edge to edge.

This can also be done in the oven or with a sous vide machine.

Step 1: This Is a Smaller Prime Roast, If You’re Cooking a Larger Roast It Will Take Longer.

Season with coarse salt and pepper, make sure to press the seasoning into meat.

Step 2: Now That the Roast Is Seasoned, Place It in the Fridge for a Few Hours or Even Over Night.

This will give the edges of the roast a chance to dry out and time for the seasoning to sink in.

Step 3: ​Next You’ll Need to Light a Chimney of Charcoal.

Setup up the BBQ using the snake method (video above)

Have the BBQ sitting at a temp of 250f.

Step 4: ​Place the Roast Opposite the Charcoal.

If you would like to use something extra you could add some wood chips or a small amount of wood to add a smokey flavour. Today we're going to keep it simple.

Cover with the lid, make sure to check the temp of the BBQ every ten or 15 minutes.

Step 5: After About 2.5 to 3 Hours It Has Reached the Temp We Are Looking For.

I normally like to cook it a few degree under to the normal temps for medium rare is to give ourselves a buffer for when we sear the steak.

Step 6: Now the Roast Has Reached the Temp We Want Take If Off to Rest.

Add more charcoal to get the BBQ ready for grilling. You want it nice and hot to sear the outside of the roast as quickly as possible.

Remove any string.

Step 7: ​Sear for 1 and Half to 3 on All Sides.

Because the roast had time to rest earlier, it won't need to rest as long after searing.

Step 8: All That's Left to Do Is Slice Into It.

Step 9: Once You Give This a Go You Won't Want to Cook Your Roast Beef Any Other Way.

Perfectly cook the way you like it, tender and moist. Cooking it on the kettle BBQ gives it extra flavour.

I've top off my prime rib with some chimichurri.