Introduction: How to Cook a Soft Boiled Egg Perfectly Every Time

Weekend breakfasts are meant to be enjoyed, so I love cooking soft boiled eggs with toast.

Soft-boiled eggs can sometimes be hit and miss but this technique will give you a perfectly cooked egg every time.

Step 1: Fill the Pot With Half an Inch of Water.

I know this sounds crazy but bare with me.

Step 2: Place the Pot Over a Medium High Heat, Bring the Water to the Boil.

Step 3: Set a Timer for 6 Minutes.

6 minutes will give you a perfect soft boiled egg if you want hard boiled egg set the timer to 8 minutes.

Step 4: Now the Water Is Boiling Add Your Eggs.

Step 5: Cover With the Lid and Start the Timer

The reason this method works is because we are cooking the eggs with the steam, not the water. Steam is a constant 212f or 100c, this lets the eggs cook quickly and evenly with out giving the yolk time to set.

Also using only ½ inch of water instead of several cups means your eggs are cooked quicker.

Step 6: Now That the Timer Has Gone Off Take the Pot Off the Heat Straight Away.

Run cold water over the eggs under the water doesn’t heat up. This will stop the eggs from overcooking.

They are ready to serve

Step 7: Perfect Soft Boiled Eggs Every Time. Beautiful Firm Whites With a Runny Yolk.