Introduction: How to Create Awesome Photography With IPhones!

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Just adding an Instagram filter will not make a professional picture. In this Tips and Tricks Instructable, I ill be showing you how to create awesome photography with iPhones, just as the title suggests.

Step 1:

Tip 1) To make something in you picture stand out, you can either make you main object stand out or make your background a bit more bland.

Tip 2) In the case that you do have your main object standing out along with the background and you cant change it (i.e. Times Square, bright places etc.), then have your subject stand a good distance from you background. Your camera will be able to focus more on your subject.

Tip 3) If flash isn't suitable for the conditions and all you have is a low light enviroment, then take advantage of it! Try out many angles on your subject and see if it works out! Remember, photography is all testing and once you get that right test then you have your final roduct.

Tip 4) If your taking pictures of the sun or some glowing object and it just doesn't look right when the shutters close then place the sun or glowing object towards the corner of your picture.

Tip 5) When taking a picture, make sure that your subject is doing some type of gesture (if appropriate for the situation). This brightens up the whole picture, and creates a warm, happy feel to the picture! 

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