How to Create Digital Art Photography 6




Introduction: How to Create Digital Art Photography 6

This video is perfect for the beginner digital artist. It is a part of a series teaching how to create stunning images from basic photography. In this video we will use a software program that is free to download and we will use it to take a boring water reflection photograph and transform it into a terrific creation bursting with color and light.

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    7 years ago

    Thank you Jake. I was a sculpture (clay) for decades and many other materials (created my own formula's often) but for various reasons am not in a position to do much of anything currently. So being the creative type but NOT in non 3-d works (ie painting or anything "flat" although I took classes, Art Students League so on) graphics is new and overwhelming (especially after decades in other areas of learning, self teaching). GIMP is great as it's free but I find the tutorials great as the books are hard to read while working on a project.

    Learned a few new areas today and practiced along. Will explore your other video's as well, as you've made it pretty easy.

    I work between GIMP, Picasa and Paint as each has their own areas quality. Thanks as well for the saving tips - it can be overwhelming and someday I have thousands of files to organize!!!