Introduction: How to Create Engaging Tutorials With Snapguide

Snapguide is a free online tool that allows you to design engaging 'how-to' guides. Snapguide lets users combine text with pictures or videos, which makes tutorials much more visual-attractive. Here is a simple step-by-step guide for you to learn how it works.

Step 1: Create Your Account

You have to create an account so that you can save you designs.You can sign up with your google or facebook account, if you like.

Step 2: Type Up Your Tittle

Click on 'create' to start. The first thing you are asked to do is name your tutorial. Think of an attractive tittle that summarizes in a few words what the turorial is about.

Step 3: Upload a Cover

Look for a picture that is good quality and that may catch users' attention. You can also include a brief description of what the tutorial will be about. The title, cover and summary of the tutorial are important because these are the first things users will read or see about your tutorial. It has to be appealing so that they want to read it.

Step 4: Make a List of Supplies

You should specify the materials, ingredients or supplies and that the user will need in order to achieve the final outcome. Make sure you also mention the quantity needed. You can add as many supplies as you want.

Step 5: Add Steps

Start adding steps to your tutorial. Write clear and simple commands. You can aid your text with images or videos.

Step 6: Review & Publish

When you are happy with the number of steps, you can click on 'review and publish' in order to give it the last details.

Step 7: Add Last Details

The last thing you will need to do is choose a category that suits your tutorial so that it is easy for people to find it.

Step 8: Share Your Tutorial!

Once your tutorial is ready, start sharing it with the world!
You can upload it as embedded content in your blog or webpage. Alternatively, you can share it through social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or simply send it by e-mail.