Introduction: How to Create a Geometric Painting

Geometric Paintings consist of linear shapes painted onto a canvas creating a complex and intricate looking piece of art. The following instructions will teach you how to easily make a geometric painting on your own at a low cost. To create this art, it takes little to no artistic ability or time and can make a beautiful edition to any space.


  • Canvas (size of choice)
  • Acrylic Paint (color(s) of your choice)
  • Paint Brushes
  • Scissors
  • Painters Tape
  • Paper Plate

Step 1: Section Off Your Canvas Using Tape

  • Take your canvas and begin placing tape onto it
  • Once your piece of tape is in the desired spot cut tape to size of canvas using a scissors
  • Continue this process of placing tape to create geometric shapes on your canvas

TIP: If you cannot find painters tape masking tape will work as well

Step 2: Painting Your Canvas

  • Take your acrylic paints of choice and squeeze small amounts of each color onto a paper plate
  • Begin painting your canvas with paint brushes, staying inside the lines of your tape
  • Paint each empty section until they are all filled in

Each section can be painted a different or the same color depending on your preference. If paint gets onto the tape there is nothing to worry about as the tape will be removed later on.

TIP: before you begin painting, place newspaper underneath your canvas to protect the surface you are painting on

Step 3: Removing the Tape From Your Canvas

  • Once the paint is completely dry you can begin removing the tape form your canvas
  • Pull on the edges of your tape to begin lifting it from the canvas

WARNING: Try to pull on tape with steady, slow pressure to avoid ripping canvas

Step 4: Admiring Your Art Work

  • Your art work is now completed and is ready to be shown off

TIP: Hang your canvas in a room in your house with Command Strips to avoid damage to your wall