How to Create Your Own Custom T-shirts

Introduction: How to Create Your Own Custom T-shirts

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Did you know you can customize your own t-shirts using your Cricut machine? In this tutorial I will show you how to create your own customized t-shirt, step by step. I created a few already and I can't stop. You can watch it all here.

Have fun and happy Crafting!


Step 1: Select Your Designs

You can either buy the designs or create them, or even have them created for you.

We got our Homestead How design made by professionals on My daughter Emma, who is one of my triplets, made her own Triplets Vlog file herself and did an awesome job! Please check out the triplets YouTube channel Triplet Vlogs

Step 2: Figure Out the Size, Mirror the Image and Print

I know what size I need the design to be. So, I tugged at the corners of the design and changed the size to 10 by 10.

Make sure you mirror your image. You need to do this each time you use heat transfer vinyl (HTV). We will be using white HTV, on a black t-shirt.

Put in the details of which machine you are using and the heat settings and then print.

Step 3: Heat Press Your T- Shirt

I used a cotton t-shirt. So, I set the heat press at 315 degrees for 15 seconds. Place the T-shirt flat on the heat press machine and press it for a few seconds till it gets warm and flat.

Step 4: Position the Design on the T-shirt

Make sure it is straight. Also, do not put your file too close to the armpit.

Place a paper over the design and press the heat press on it for 20 seconds. Raise the heat press lid, remove the paper and slowly peel off the plastic from the T-shirt.

Step 5: Find the Center of the T-shirt

To find the center of the t-shirt just put the ends together and fold the t-shirt. Lay it down on the heat press. Make sure everything is equal and press the heat press for a couple of seconds. This should give a crease right down the middle.

Step 6: Position the Design on the T-shirt

Lay the t- shirt flat on the heat press. Now do the same with the design. Fold it backwards. Once you have the center on it, line it up on the crease of the t-shirt

Step 7: Add the Design Onto the T-shirt and Check the Alignment

Now place the heat press on it for a second and lift the lid up, just so that the design sticks to the t-shirt. Hold up the t-shirt and take your time to check if the logo is centered and well-aligned.

Next lay the t-shirt flat on the heat press. Now take a piece of parchment paper and put it on the t-shirt and press the lid for 20 seconds. Lift the lid, remove the paper and slowly peel of your vinyl from the t-shirt.

Tip: Make sure your entire design is on the heat press and not over hanging.

Step 8: The Final Look

The t-shirts turned out amazing!

They are really easy to do, but here are a few things you need to pay attention to:

1. Make sure you use HTV and mirror your image in the design space.

2. Use cotton t-shirts. I recommended you wash your t-shirt before you place the design on it, just in case it does shrink.

3. Make sure there are no bubbles around the design.

4. Wash the t-shirts inside out, to keep the print safe longer.

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