Introduction: Dollar Store Fish Bowl Grinch

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In this tutorial we'll show you how to add some Christmas festivity to your home, using supplies from the dollar store. For the video, click here.

This project is really about assembling your supplies.


The supplies you will need for this project:


Cricut cutting machine

Black and yellow adhesive vinyl

Supplies that I picked up at the Dollar Store:

Glass bowls – I used one large floral glass bowl and one small one

Rubbing alcohol

Feather boa

Top hat (ornament)

Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Fairy lights (optional)

Transfer tape

Step 1: Get the Grinch Face Design

I had purchased this image sometime last year. So, it is saved up in my files. I simply need to go to Upload, then View All and then type 'Grinch' in the search box. Then I selected the image and inserted it.

Step 2: Resize, Cut and Weed It Out

Figure out the size and print. Judging by the size of the fish bowls, 3*3 is a good size for this project. When you click on ‘Make it’, it will show you the design on a black color mat and the eyes on a yellow mat. Cut it and weed it out.

Step 3: Design the Fish Bowls

Take a fish bowl. Clean it well with alcohol. Pour some polyurethane in the bowl and slowly turn your bowl so that the polyurethane covers the insides of the bowl completely. Don’t shake it as you don’t want bubbles. Once it is coated, pour the excess polyurethane back in the can. Follow the same process with the other bowl. Make sure you clean the edges on the side of the bowl.

Similarly add the glitter in the first bowl and slowly turn it so it is coating the inside of the bowl well. Once it is coated, remove the excess glitter, slowly rotating around the edges so that the edges get coated well. Follow the same process for the next bowl and then let them dry.

Step 4: Prepare Your Design

To put the yellow eyes on the black eye part, put a piece of transfer tape on the yellow eyes design and using a squeezee, rub it on the transfer tape. Then carefully peel off the transfer tape and put it on the black eyes part and rub it on really well. Then carefully pull back your transfer tape. You now have the yellow part on the black eyes part, right where you want it.

Step 5: Add the Design to Your Glass Bowl

Get some transfer tape on this design and and using a squeezee rub it on well. Using scissors, make little cuts on the transfer tape so that it is easier to put on the round surface of the fish bowl. Now transfer the design on to the glass bowl. Push the transfer tape on to the bowl with your fingers. Carefully peel back the transfer tape and snip little parts of the tape as you go along.

Step 6: Glue the Bowls Together

Add hot glue on the rim of the designed bowl. Make sure you put enough glue on it so that it sticks well. Then add hot glue on the top edge of the other glass bowl and carefully place the designed bowl on the glued part of the other bowl. Look around the edges so that its centered and not off.

Step 7: Add the Finishing Touches

Take a green boa and measure how long you want it and then cut it. Add hot glue all around on the joined part of the two bowls. Gently & quickly place the boa on the glued part starting from the front and taking it back so that you do not see the seam. Cut the extra boa off and add extra glue and make sure its stuck together. Take some hot glue and add it on the rim of a Christmas hat and gently but firmly place it on top of the designed glass bowl.

Step 8: And the Final Look!

Hope you had fun!