Introduction: How to Create a Giant (Good Guys Doll) Costume

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Hello there, here is my Instructable: "How to make a Giant CHUCKY costume from the movie Child's Play"

Step 1: Materials

List of Materials:

A computer.

Blender and Pepakura software.

Printed material.


Body Filler.









Hot glue gun.



Contact Cement


Knife or X-Acto.

Thin Rope

Big Red Buttons


A drill

last but not least: Patience.

Step 2: Create the Head Model

with Blender I create the model whit some image references of the Chucky head.

I also created a body to the canon of my height for reference

and I made a 3d stilt concept to fit the head canon to get the ideal proportions.

Step 3: Pepakura

Convert the file to Obj format so that it can be edited in the Pepakura designer program.

Cut out all the pieces and join them with their counterpart with glue or hot silicone, at first you will not see anything even like Chucky's face but with patience we will gradually see the shape of this fantastic character.

Step 4: Reinforce the Interior

You will get something like this, but the paper is very thin and delicate, also it does not generate a very stable structure by the way.

So with small cardboard rectangles and the glue gun, we will create an interlacing to give more stability in the structure

Step 5: A Sunny Day to Fiberglassing

In this step we will use fiberglass and polyester resin, to give the head more rigidity.

use the layers of fiberglass you think necessary, but don´t abuse

the more number of layers, the heavier it will be.

Step 6: Let the Fiberglass Dry

for 24 hoursat least

Step 7: Ready for the Body Filler Automotive Putty

The fiberglass has already dried, it is time to apply the putty and work on the sculpture, to further accentuate Chucky's main features
Do not forget to trace with a marker some guides where the scars go, this will help you guide you, use the reference photos you have

Step 8: Prime It

It is already taking the Chucky shape, with photoshop I made this montage to simulate the final costume.

Use a primer color to prime the head and leave an easy-to-work tone for later applying the characteristic colors

Step 9: Hands and Torso

For the hands use a basic hand shape.
make two of them and glue them around the edges with contact cement, leaving the inside like a kind of glove

For the torso, measure the respective width, creating a kind of cylinder in which we will later cut in the way indicated in the graphic to give the oval shape. paste it whit contact cement glue too.

Step 10: Paint It

Paint the Chucky´s head whit the characteristic skin tone of dolls

and give it that plastic look just like the original.

Step 11: Scars and Details.

Now get to work! paint that scars, use the references to obtain an identical look, and position,
with the drill open small holes simulating the stitching effect, and pass the thin rope through the holes.

Step 12: Assembling the Body

To assemble the body completely, we will use foam cylinders for the arms and legs, which we will then adhere to the torso with contact cement and fabric.

the next step will be to work on the stilts

Step 13: The Stilts, Sneakers

For the stilts we will use the reference already created in blender, we will cut pieces of wood and we will assemble with the screws and the screwdriver a rigid piece for each of the feet.

add wood sticks at the base to give it more support.

Then, just like the hands, we will create a foam mold to cover the stilts with the shape of Chucky's shoe in the graphic and it with red fabric, we will also add white details, to make it look more realistic.

to suite up the stilts, we will use velcro placed in the way shown in the photos

and finally under the big shoe, we will add non-slip material optionally to act as a sole.

Step 14: The Hair

For the hair we will take the wigs and cutting small groups of hair, we will assemble thin hair strands to later attach them on the head,
be careful this fake hair gets tangled in an instant.

we will use the scissors to cut the hair
and the tape to tie those groups.

be patient.

Step 15: Attach That Hair to the Massive Head

Like the classic way to put hair on dolls, with the drill open several holes distributed on the head in a symmetrical way, that is where we will put our hair strands as in the style of the dolls, Like the image shown

make holes where needed.

Step 16: Attach the Hair

Hair mount example.

Step 17: Eyes Process

For the glowing eyes we will use two empty yogurt containers (the transparent part), the LEDs, the silicone gun, the clay and the batteries to give it energy. and we will follow the video process

Step 18: The Visor.

At this point you will wonder, where I am going to see, exactly it will be Chucky's own mouth, for this we will use a transparent cloth mesh, on which we will paint a simulation of Chucky's teeth with the thin Brush using white and black paint.

Step 19: Cover the Foam Suit

Now we will cover, with the corresponding fabrics, the foam suit

With red paint and a thin brush, we will now immortalize the Good Guys logo in the overalls

you can add a knife prop, made in wooden body and covered with aluminum foil, you can line the handle with black eva rubber, all of this is optional.

Step 20: Now You Have Your Own Giant Chucky

you can also make a voodoo doll just for fun, see the size of this handsome giant guy.

Step 21: Chucky Got Moves.

a small video :) later I will update it on the streets

Step 22: Now Is the Time to Go Outside and Create Some Good Scares

I thought it was going to scare but people love It :)


Thanks for watch <3

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