Introduction: How to Create a HYDROPHOBIC Self Cleaning Toilet!!!

I hate cleaning the toilet! I had an idea what if I sprayed that never wet stuff from rust oleum onto the toilet. If nothing sticks to this hydrophobic surface would it be easier to clean the toilet. I couldn’t wait to try this. I found never wet at Ollies for a dollar, so there’s really nothing to lose except a dollar. So I drained all the water out of the toilet make sure that it was totally dry by using a hair dryer, then put part one and then park to just like the directions say. Wow! Wow! You have to see the video to see how a toilet looks before and after hydrophobic compounds are put on the surface.

Step 1: Prep for Spray

To get all the water out of the toilet bow, turn off the water valve and flush the toilet to get as much water out. To get the rest of the water you can use the lid to the cans to scoop it out. Then dry the surface of the toilet with a hair drier to get all the water out.

Step 2: Spray

Put on the spray in even coats allowing 30 minutes between the base coat and the top coat

Step 3: Finished

Now go ahead and turn the water back on and let the bowl fill up. When you flush the toilet it looks so crazy!! I can explain what it looks like. Make sure to watch the video to get a better effect.