Introduction: How to Create a Mirror 3D Sculpture “Shell” 600 Mm. DIY Wall Decor. PDF Template + (video)

About: Professional studio. We design mockups and create low poly sculptures from cardboard plastic mirror plastic and metal.

This article will help you learn how to make low poly mirror sculptures. We will make a mirror shell. You will learn how to assemble a polygonal model and glue it with mirror polystyrene, as well as assemble a magnificent shell, suppose that it is a symbol of summer and the beach A similar shell is already hanging in our office above the coffee machine. Now that we are making coffee, you can consider the fantasy flare kaleidoscope.

Materials:PDF file A3 60 × 60 × 13 (cm) or 24 × 24 × 5 (inch) Download;– Mirror polystyrene (thickness 1 mm) approximately 0.5 meters square or 5 sheets A3;– Cardboard 220-350 with a density of grams per square meter. 5 sheets of A3;– Cardboard binding thickness 2 mm, 3 A3 or better one piece 600 * 600 mm;– Glue for cardboard (we used super glue since we have metallized cardboard);– Superglue for plastic (we used two component glue based on cyanocrylate, it is safer and its strength is higher than usual);– Thermo glue gun for gluing the backdrop;– Also need a printer A3 scissors, a stationery knife and a surface for work.Work may take 5-7 hours.
Note: if you print in A4 format (typed to the brim), you will get a 41 × 41 × 9 (cm) or 16 × 16 × 4 (inch) shell. Material consumption will be reduced by 2 times

Download the template for free from our site

Step 1: ​Print a Template

Print a template on the printer in A3 format (100% scale)

Step 2: Press the Dotted Lines

Use a point for a manicure or other similar object with a thin but not sharp on the tip and steel ruler. You will have A3 sheet format, but the essence will not change

Step 3: Cutting

Use a knife or scissors

Step 4: Bend

Bend with dashed lines on yourself, and dash-dotted lines from yourself, detailed instructions;

Step 5: Glue by Numbers

Step 6: Cut the Backdrop

Cut the backdrop out of thick cardboard and glue it to the shells. This is necessary for structural rigidity and to hang the model on the wall without problems;

Step 7: Print a Scan for the Plastic

Print a template for plastic on thin paper of A3 format (at a scale of 100%);

Step 8: Cut

Cut the triangles out of plastic using a clerical knife and a steel sling or scissors;

Step 9: Glue the Model According to the Numbers

Step 10: Mirror Plastic

Mirror plastic is covered with a protective membrane, it must be removed at the very end;

Step 11: Enjoy Your Sample Work

Step 12: Kaleidoscope Coloring

If you stick to colored material, you can get a kaleidoscope coloring.

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