Introduction: How to Create a Photogram

This guide is for those who wish to create a photogram with all steps from Exposure to Development


Will need:
Photo Paper
Enlarger - (Source of Exposure)
Developer Chemical
Stopper Chemical
Fixer Chemical
4x Tray

Step 1: Setting Up

Prior to creating the photogram exposure, development you will want to set up 4 trays that have developer in the first, stopper in the second, fixer in the third and water in the fourth. And place the tongs near the developer

Step 2: Exposure

You will need a dark room to expose the paper and take care that you have no white light whatsoever, however you may use a red light. Then you will need to use the Enlarger or another source of exposure and set it up to look down on top of the photo paper (Have Red Light Filter covering the light) and then you will need to arrange the objects you wish to expose the way you want them (See Photo) and then for 8 SECONDS you should expose the paper (Remove red filter prior) with objects on top and then shut it off after the 8 SECONDS (If you have a timer use that) take extra care when turning lights on excetera that it doesn’t get anymore exposure

Step 3: Development Stage 1

Keeping the Dark Room you will want to put the exposed photo into the developer for 60 SECONDS sloshing it around until it seems pretty clear not doing less or more than 60 Seconds you should use the tongs to move the photo around

Step 4: Development Stage 2

Keeping the Dark Room, using tongs move the photo from the developer to the stopper and leave it for 30 SECONDS making sure it’s submerged and then remove it using tongs also. Take care not to put tongs back in the developer otherwise the developer won’t work again.

Step 5: Development Stage 3

Keeping the Dark Room, use tongs to put photo paper into the fixer which is important and should be left for 3-5 MINS to ensure it works

Step 6: Development Stage 4

Place paper with tongs into the water tray and leave for 10 mins which is flexible but no more than 15 mins and no less than 5. After this hang it up to dry and then it’s DONE. Also wash tongs off in the water tray so that fixer chemicals aren’t left over so that when the process is repeated for another image the developer will work. No Mixing Fixer Stopper or Developer