Introduction: How to Create a Realistic Water Effect

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How to use piping gel to make a realistic water effect for your cakes and cupcakes. It's really shiny and will make your water features pop!

Homemade Piping Gel:

Step 1: Gather Things Needed

White buttercream frosting

Blue piping gel

And of course your cake or cupcakes

Step 2: Frost With Buttercream

Frost your cake or cupcakes with the white buttercream. Leave the frosting rough. Have peaks and valleys and swirls in the frosting.

Step 3: Frost With Piping Gel

Let your buttercream crust. Then cover it with the blue piping gel. I used a darker and lighter blue on this project to add more highlights. You can use just one shade. The piping gel will be thicker in the valleys in the buttercream making it a bit darker and thinner at the peaks making it a bit lighter.

If you are making a water feature like the waterfall in my Disney Frozen cake and the hot tub in my Kit Kat cake, frost in the direction the water would flow.

Frozen Cake:

Kit Kat Hot Tub:

Step 4: Making Waves

To make waves you can use some white buttercream with a little bit of the blue piping gel on an offset spatula. Press it into the piping gel and pull up. This makes small waves or white caps.

I prefer using white piping gel instead of buttercream on larger projects.