Introduction: How to Create a Square and Rectangle in Ps Cc

How to create a square and rectangle in photo shop cc. These instructions will tell you how to create and intractable in photoshop cc. This should work for any version of photoshop. First you will need photoshop there is free trials online you can use or you can get the creative cloud app.


Tools you will need is Photoshop. I will show you what tools to you will need in the program to create your square or rectangle.

Step 1: Step 1 Open Up a New Document

First you will see create new on the left side of your photoshop screen. Second another box should pop up and we are going to click on first web at the top of the screen. Third we are going to choose a size of the document you can choose any size you like. I usually click on the minimum size to create shapes. Fourth we are going to click create. A new document should pop up and you will see the words art board and a black or white square in the middle. On the left side you should see the tools and on the right side you will see the panels we are going to need to use two panels on the right side for this project.

Step 2:

Step 2 We are going to click and make sure we are on the art bored in the middle of the screen. Second we are going to go to the rectangle tool on the left hand side of your ps screen. We are going to hold the left side of the mouse down and hold shift at the same time and drag out a square. You can make the square any size you would like. Next we will drag out a rectangle next to the square you do not have to hold the shift key to do this.

Step 3: Step 3

Step 3. Coloring in the square and rectangle. First we are going to make sure we are on the right thing we want to color in. We are going to go to the layers panel. Up above you will see it circled in red. You should only have two layers and a background layer. One will be the square and one will be the rectangle. We are going to make sure the square is highlighted. We are then going to look on the right side of our photoshop screen and click on the the swatches panel. The swatches panel will look like a bunch of little squares together. It is circled in red in the photo above on the right side. If you cannot find it you will click on the windows to find it up above at the top and scroll down until you see swatches. A box should pop up that has tons of colors you can choose from. You click the color you would like and the square will be that color. Up above is an example I chose the color yellow.

Step 4: Step 4

We are going to color in the rectangle. You fallow the same exact steps as the third step the only difference is make sure your on the rectangle layer. Go to you layers panel and click on the rectangle layer. Then you will open up the swatches panel and you can chose any color you would like.

Step 5: Step 5

You are done creating a square in rectangle in photo shop you can save your work by going to file then save as you will see it in the photo above. You can name your file any thing you would like.

I hope you enjoyed creating shapes in photo shop it is a fun and easy to use program that you can be creative in.