Introduction: How to Create an Instagram Scrapbook Blog

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Hi Everyone! Here are tips on how to utilize Instagram as a one-of-a-kind virtual scrapbook/blog to help you document your life and express yourself! For those who aren't new to Instagram, this Instructable can spark new ideas and inspiration for your account to increase audience engagement and emphasize your uniqueness! I have always been into scrapbooking and photography, and I turned my instagram into a virtual scrapbook/blog because I found myself on so many different adventures, I felt the need to capture and share them. Plus I love entertaining people, so this gives me another way to do so. I use Instagram to inspire others with my story and my life. The main things we will cover in this Instructable are Stories, Posts, and IG TV.


1. A smartphone with a camera

2. Yourself!

Step 1: Stories

Instagram stories are a chance for you to capture what you are feeling in the moment, and organize them later into profile Highlights - almost like Instagram's folder feature for your 24 hour pictures and videos. Stories are 14 seconds long. You can either have in-camera effects, or add other ones later. Also look up story templates for fun inspiration to get you started. Stories have lots of creative tools on them, including:

- Polls

- Q & A's

- Add music to any picture or video

- Boomerang - a trendy, short little video that rewinds and plays through pretty quickly - good for capturing brief, specific actions and movements that you want to emphasize, such as petting your animal, the moment when you open up a box of chocolates, or busy streets.

- AR camera with lots of fun and funny filters to choose from. This feature is very similar to Snapchat, but without the Bitmojis.

- Animated GIFS, which add pop and life to any post (add an animated frame, or maybe animated text)

- A pen where you can draw on your picture/video

- Add text

- Tag anyone

- Use a hashtag

- Use a trending sticker that spreads a positive message

- Share a post through Instagram story

- Add a picture of your face to anything.

- Add a color or black and white filter to it when you are done.

- Superzoom! This zany effect can dramatically zoom in, make it seem like a party, etc., with added sound FX. - Collage - put together several photos into one story!

- Create - gives you options and inspiring templates for your posts.

Step 2: Highlights

It's like your own personal collection of experiences. For the cover of your highlight/album, you can choose a picture that best represents it, from either the collection itself, or from any pictures you have on your phone. I have created multiple categories for each subject on my instagram - here are some categories/folder themes to inspire you:

- Food

- Highlights from a specific year (2020, etc.)

- Music that makes up a soundtrack for a specific year

- Your pet

- Your passion

- Quotes

- Specific stories

- Books you came across

- Motivation

- Holidays

- Unusual sightings

- Experiences that took place at a specific location

- Singing

- Your best Memes you shared

- Nature

- An emoji can also be a story name as well.

Step 3: Gallery Posts

There are lots of fun filters to edit your gallery photos and videos *just right*. Yes, you can post both photos and videos. These include adjustments to saturation etc., or overall filters. There is also a blur effect you can add if you want to make it look like your photo has shallow depth of field. You can create a photo carousel to put up to 10 pictures and videos together inside one post. You can crop your photos and tilt them. You can write a caption to your post, along with hashtags, which help people see them. I often like writing either the backstory of the picture, a quote, or anything else to capture the feel of it and communicate what I want it to to the viewers. I like to post anything that I find awesome.

Things I like to post on my regular feed:

- Photography

- Adventures

- Parts from my films

- Funny throwbacks

- My adorable cat

- Fashion

- My favorite products

- Books I'm currently reading

- Food

- Architecture

- Animations

- Group pictures

- Drawings

I have so many different interests, I like to include them all on my account, but you can have a themed profile for things such as photography, a business, nature photography, - as specific as you would like it to be.

Step 4: IG TV

IG TV is like a form of YouTube, where you can discover other people's videos and start your own channel. What makes IG TV unique is that you can upload long-form videos - videos that are over a minute.

Step 5: Bio

You can also several different things to your bio, like your name, username, a description of you or your account, and a link, if you choose to do so. Usernames are often either the user's name or pertains to something they like. It can be a play of words, something you identify with, or your brand. Every username is unique. You can tag an account by writing their username with an @ sign in front of it.

I will likely add more information to this Instructable, but until then, here is this to get you started! Have fun!