Introduction: Make Your Own Stop-Motion Animation

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Are you looking for a fun activity to do that will take only a few days? That you can post on Youtube and get a bunch of followers? Then this is the project for you! Stop Motion animation is a great, fun way to create awesome looking cartoons with just about anything: Clay, Figurines, Objects, and more! Use your imagination. You can animate anything.

All you need is:

-A camera

-A computer

-A movie-making software such as Windows Live Movie Maker(how-to link: or iMovie(how-to link: Or you can even use an app on your mobile device or tablet. Just search 'Stop Motion Animation' in the app store or google play, and there will be many free apps to choose from. I personally like 'iMotion'.

You don't have to be stuck and wonder 'How did they make Wallace and Grommet?'. Instead you can say 'Pffft, I can make that!'!!!

Step 1: Stop Motion Animation.

How Stop Motion Animation Works:

Watch the video above. Challenge: Animate a story about two clay pumpkins and a creepy blue clay man with a bow tie in honer of Halloween!

After learning my how-to tell me about the animations you have posted on youtube in the comments box and I will subscribe & tell my friends about it. It's kinda like 'insta-fame' on youtube!:D You can also enter stop-motion animations in film festivals as well!

Tip: The more pictures you take, and the less you move the objects, the smoother and less choppy it will be!

So try it and make one today! You will be amazed at the realistic outcome, one that looks just as good as Wallace and Grommet. Move over, Chicken Run!:D