Introduction: How to Create the Perfect Design for "La Laguna De Quilotoa" - Scene

"La Laguna de Quilotoa" is located in Cotopaxi and nowadays is considered as one of the 15 most beautiful lagoons of volcanic origin in the world. Here you can find a beautiful emerald green lagoon, when you see it, you won't believe your eyes! Also, you can do various sports like hiking or kayaking, and see many mammals such as deers, wolves, among others.

Now, maybe you are wondering how my idea for this design started, well in my Technology class, we had a proyect in Tinkercad, we had to recreate a touristic place of Ecuador. I loved the idea and decided to do "La Laguna de Quilotoa", this amazing place wowed me with it's beauty and I immediately knew I had to recreate it.

Throughout all the process I learned how to use Tinkercad (I watched some videos and practiced a lot!) and all it's different tools, it was hard at first, but in the end I finally finished it! I used all of my creativity and I explored through the shapes, the colors and the forms of Tinkercad, I expected my design to be awesome and I wasn't dissapointed! I consider my design of "La Laguna de Quilotoa" as one of my best creations and I'm super excited to tell YOU how to do it!

And don't worry, the design is not difficult at all, I have made every step super clear and easy just for you, and believe me, by the end of this instructable you will feel amazing and have a super incredible proyect in your computer! I encourage you to try to do this beautiful design and at the same time learn more about "La Laguna de Quilotoa".

Well, let's get started!


- An electronic device (computer, laptop, desktop, tablet, etc.)

- The Tinkercad website or app (

Step 1: The Lagoon

The first thing to do in our Tinkercad design is the lagoon, this is the main attraction of "La Laguna de Quilotoa". The lagoon is one of the easiest parts of this amazing design, so don't worry or think it is too difficult!

First you select "Scribble" (you can see it in the pictures above), then you will begin to make the form, make sure it look like a lagoon, like it appears in the picture. Then, you will have an empty space, so to fill it you will use the pencil (you can see it in the pictures above).

Now that is already filled, you have finished the lagoon! Make sure you click "Ready", and put it in the center of the design, so you don't have any complications later. And don't worry, you don't have to change the color.

Step 2: The Mountains

Now it's time to do the mountains, they look very difficult to do, but they are actually super easy!

So for the mountains we are going to use these shapes: paraboloids, spheres, pyramids and cones.

First, we use the shapes mentioned earlier and make them different, so you maybe are asking, what do you mean by different? Well, you have to make them larger, thicker or bigger so they don't look so much like shapes and more like mountains.

Then, every shape has a different color, the paraboloids are green, the spheres are light green, the pyramids are brown and the cones are light brown.

Finally, you place them around the lagoon, and you are finished! And if you don't how many to put, don't worry, you can put any quantity that you think is necessary!

Step 3: The Clouds

So, it's time to do the clouds!

First, we are are going to use Scribble (the same tool we used for the lagoon), we are going to make the shapes of the clouds and we are going to fill it with the pencil, as we did with the lagoon.

Then we are going to put "Ready" and change it's color to white.

Finally we are going to rise them, and how do you do this? Well click the cloud and use those little arrows you see there, and as you are there, also turn the clouds, so they look like the picture.

And you are done! Make sure you put minimum 4 or 5 clouds.

Step 4: The Path

So this may be the most difficult step, but don't worry, the directions are super clear, now let's start!

First we are gonna mark the path with cubes (you have to make them large, so they look like rectangles) , the path should go from the land to the lagoon (it should be above the mountains).

Now that you have marked the path, we have to make the "floor" of the path we will use scribble. You have to make something like in the picture above, and put it through all the path (copy paste it, and make the bottom larger as the path goes up).

Finally, change the color to all the path to dark yellow.

You have finished the path, congratulations!

Step 5: The Rocks

Here you will learn how do the rock, don't worry it is super easy!

First, for the rock we are going to use the shape of a dice, we are going to select it and change the color to gray.

Then, we are going to make it more large, so it doesnt look much like a dice (above, in the pictures, you can see a dice and a rock, this will help you make them better!).

Finally, we are going to put them around our design and make sure you create between 5 and 6 rocks, but if you want to do more, do them!

Now, go to the last step, the land!

Step 6: The Land

You have arrived to the final step! Don't worry this is literally the easiest step.

First we are going to select the cube and we are going to change the color to light green.

Then, we are going to enlarge it and make it thinner, so that it takes up the whole space of the template.

Finally we are going get it a little down (above you can see a picture of how it should be), and you are done!

Congratulations! You have finished "La Laguna de Quilotoa" design!!

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