Introduction: How to Crochet a Fluffy Infinity Scarf

Hello everyone,

This instructable is about how to crochet your own infinity scarf, either for cold winters or just as an accessory for the summer. If you can already crochet that is great and you can right away go to the creation section. However if you are a beginner and have no idea what to do then there are some videos explaining the basics to you, so that you will soon be able to make your own infinity scarf.

I hope you have fun with my instructable!

Step 1: Materials

Materials you need:

  • 4 balls of yarn (for winter I would recommend fluffy wool, while for the summer lighter wool is great)
  • a crochet hook (depending on how large the stitches should become, I would recommend 2mm)
  • scissors

Step 2: How to Crochet for Beginners

If you can already crochet then you can skip this step, if you are however new in the world of crochet then this is for you. Below I have a step to step list on the basic stitch which you will need for this scarf.


1. crochet a line of chain stitches

2. connect the first and last chain stitch

3. crochet a turning chain at the end of the line and turn over your work

4. crochet double treble crochets (UK), also called treble crochets (US) into the line of chain stitches

Step 3: Crocheting

Here is the tutorial of how to crochet this infinity scarf with double treble crochets (UK) which are also called treble crochet (US). When you have finished the scarf you need to sew all the strings into the scarf.

Step 4: Cutting and Washing

The final step is to pull the yarn through the last loop of the infinity scarf and cut off the yarn. If you want to wash it check if your yarn is washable. Wool yarn is not washable at all, while cotton yarn and acrylic yarn can be easily washed in the washing machine. However cotton yarn is easier to care for and Merino yarn has to be handwashed or dry cleaned.

Step 5: Other Possible Stitches

If you like you can also use other stitches for your infinity scarf such as the shell stitch or the star stitch.

I hope you liked my instructable and are now ready to face the cold winter or the summer either way with an amazing infinity scarf :)