Introduction: How to Curl Hair

I am good at curling hair and I have always been told that I

do a great job by many people and always get compliments on it. Any girl should learn how to curl hair for special occasions or for simply just looking nice. With that being said today I am going to demonstrate how to curl hair with a straightener.

To begin the first thing needed is a hair straightener, this is the main tool. The hair straightener is what does the curling. The second item that is needed is heat protectant, the heat protectant keeps the hair from getting fried or damaged by the heat on the straightener. Now the third item needed is hair spray, the hair spray is what will be sprayed after the hair is curled. It can either be sprayed right after getting done curling a piece of hair or it can be spray all over the hair after everything is all done and curled. Then the fourth thing needed is a hair comb, the comb is used to get all tangles out of the hair and make the hair easier to work with. The fifth item needed will be a ponytail, the ponytail is what will be used to section part of the hair off. This will make it easier and faster to curl the hair. The sixth and final thing to get is a person’s hair to curl.

Step 1: Plugging in and Stetting the Heat

The first step is to plug in the straightener and pick the heat setting, personally, I turn the straightener up to the highest setting because it will curl hair faster. So the first thing to do is take the end of the cord attached to the straighter with the two metal piece’s on it and plug that into an outlet near where it will be worked on. Then after that is done make sure to pick what temp the straightener will be at. Every straightener has a different way to pick the heat setting. On this one just tap the circle that’s above the numbers to make the temp go up

Step 2: Heat Protectant Step 2

While letting the straightener heat up for about 5 minutes, spray all of the hair with the heat protectant about 8 inches away from head, this being the second step. Do this so the hair isn’t too wet. After all the hair is sprayed brush through the hair two times to make sure there are no tangles in the hair. The heat protectant will protect the hair from any heat damage. Note this is a very important step

Step 3: Sectioning the Hair and Putting It in a Bun Step 3

Then the third step is to take half of the hair and tie it with a hair tie in a bun or pony tail. But I prefer a bun because it gets the hair out of the way more. After this is done brush the bottom part of the hair that's down. This makes sure there is no tangles when it comes time to curl the hair. By this time the hair straighter should be done heating up.

Step 4: Curling Step 4

In the fourth step, take the straightener and about 2 inches of hair and put the hair in the middle of the straightener, make sure the straightener is at the top by the roots, otherwise the curls will not turn out correctly. Then just twist the wrist in a circular motion going down the hair with the straightener. Keep doing this to all of the pulled down hair until all curled then undo the bun and divide it into two pieces from top to bottom. Take the top part and put it back into a bun and the bottom part brush it out. Start step four over again on this section of hair. After that part is curled take the bun out and do the same thing over again until the whole head of hair is curled.

Step 5: Hair Spray Final Step

For the final step take the hair spray and spray it all over the hair. Flip the hair upside down and spray underneath the hair as well. While spraying the hair make sure to use a good amount of hair spray. This will keep the curls in for a long time! Now that the hair is all curled and looks good you are ready to go out on the town!

Step 6: