Introduction: How to Cut Bottles in Half (Lengthwise)

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If you are looking for a way to up-cycle glass bottles, this might be for you.

In this Instructable, we look at one of the ways to cut glass bottles lengthwise.

You can make interesting bottle dishes, planters and other cool things.

Some of the materials/tools used:

For your own safety:

Make sure to use a cordless rotary tool, not one with the cable.

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Step 1:

First I marked a cutting line with a copper adhesive tape.

You can use a permanent marker or don't mark the bottle at all.

Some bottles will have a line on the sides.

I prefer to use the tape as it's easier to see it.

Step 2:

You will want to lubricate and cool the bottle with water.

Since I don't have a workshop, I had to do it in the kitchen.

I used a suction vise to hold the bottle.

It's perfect as you can attach it to the sink.

Step 3:

Take a cordless rotary tool with a diamond cutting disk.

Start cutting the bottle while pouring/running the water on the spot you're cutting.

It can get wet, so you might want to cover things near your sink with the plastic.

First I cut one side of the bottle, then the bottom and then the other side.

Step 4:

Most likely the cut will not be perfect and you will want to sand it.

I used silicon carbide powder.

You mix it with water and sand the bottle on top of a piece of glass.

You can also use a wet sandpaper or a rotary tool with a sanding bit.

Step 5:

In one of the bottles I planted a wheat grass and other I used as a dish.