Introduction: How to Decorate Glass Bottle

Welcome to my new tutorial, in this tutorial I tried to decorate home from old materials within five minutes craft.


Glass Bottle

Jute Net,

All Purpose Adhesive

Paper Rope

Spray Paint Golden

Mini Artificial Roses

Glazed Paper



Step 1: Glass Bottle

  • Use all types of glass bottle.
  • Wrapped up it from jute net.

Step 2: Use of All Purpose Adhesive

  • Apply all purpose adhesive on it from brush.
  • Paste jute net on it from all side.

Step 3: Use of Paper Rope and Spray Paint

  • Paste paper rope from all purpose adhesive for finishing.
  • Spray golden paint on it from all angle.

Step 4: Use of Glazed Paper and Rose

  • Cut glazed paper for making leaves
  • Paste paper rope on top side from all purpose adhesive.
  • Paste mini artificial roses from hot glue gun.

Step 5: Finial Pics

Here are few final beautiful pics of my glass bottle.