Introduction: How to Decorate Old Kettle

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Use colors to decorate your old kettle and serve the guest in this festive season. This kettle was hand painted by me. Use your own creativity to paint the kettle.I used Madhubani Art as the theme of the entire painting.

Step 1: Materials Required

1. Aluminium Kettle ( Amazon )

2. Acrylic Color ( Amazon )

3. Neon Color ( Amazon )

4. 3D liner ( Amazon )

5. Rhinestones ( Amazon )

6. Craft Mirrors ( Amazon )

7. Craft Glue ( Amazon )

Step 2: Apply Prime Coat

Take an aluminium kettle and to decorate it further, you have to apply a prime coat first.

I have used white acrylic color as prime coat. The advantage of applying a prime coat is the next layer color will be more prominent and the top layer painting will be brighter.

Step 3: First Layer Application

Choose at least two colors of your choice on which you are going to paint further.

It is advisable to apply multiple coats for better result.

Step 4: Draw the Outlines

First draw your design with a pencil and then follow the marked lines with zero size paint brush.

If you have given lighter shade in the first layer, it is advisable to draw the outlines at least double shade darker of the first layer. Its better choose dark colors from your color pallets to draw all your outlines.

I have used black color as making the outlines for MADHUBANI design over the first layer painting which is neon green.

Step 5: Adding More Designs

Apply designs and colors according to your imagination.

Its better to use contrast colors over the first layer.

I have used neon pink color to decorate the flowers which is going with my prime MADHUBANI painting.

Step 6: Applying 3D Liners

To give a 3D texture or to draw sharp colorful lines, you can use 3D liners.

Step 7: Filling Colors in to the Designs

Take some colors which are very much match to your theme and decorate with brushes,neon liners and dotting tools.

Step 8: Decorate the Painting

You can decorate the designs with rhinestones and craft mirrors.You can use craft lace or jute thread to decorate the same.

Step 9: Decorate the Handle

You should give a color on handle which is very much contrast to your kettle container color.

Then design and decorate with liners and colors.

Step 10: Final Result

I really satisfied with my final outcome which is much better then my expectation as it was first attempt.

I hope you can also make beautiful kettle like this.

If you make your own kettle, don't forget to share it in the I made it section below.

Valuable feedback for improvements and mistakes are always welcome.

Thanks for spending your time to read my Instructables.