Introduction: How to Do Awesome 2 Person Card Trick

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this is a really awesome 2 person card trick that you can have a lot of fun with! it takes a few seconds to teach to soneone and is great to show someone when they are interested in magic and want to learn a trick from you.

Step 1: Setup

this trick really doesnt require any setup eather than the fact that you must tell the 2nd person in on the trick how to do it. all you tell them is they are going to leave the room and when called back in told to memorize the deck. but what they are actually suppose to do is look at the bottom card as the cards are fanned tawords them and remember the soul mate card of it. (queen of clubs equals queen of spades, ace of hearst equals ace of diamonds etc) this is hard to explane without a video so if you dont understand this make shure to watch the video.

Step 2: Name a Card

ask the spectator to name a card, but before you do so tell your friend to leave the room

Step 3:

give the named card to the spectator to hide in their pocket. then you will spread through the deck mentioning to the spectator "you could have named any card in the deck 52 differant options" as you do this get a break under the soul mate card to the one they chose.

Step 4:

face the deck tawards you so the spectator cant see and cut the card to the bottom.

Step 5: The Finally

call your friend back into the room. spread the deck of cards to him and say "my friend here is memorizing the entire deck of cards to find out which one is missing". in reality he just looks at the bottom card and knows their card is the soul mate of that one.

finally close the fanned card and your friend can name the chosen card.