Introduction: How to Do Crazy Magic Coin Trick With Coins and a Hat!

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how to do crazy magic coin trick with coins and a hat!

I will show you how to do a really cool magic coin effect I believe I created. (unless someone else did before me and I don't know it) Anyways, this magic magic coin trick is really cool and involves a hat! now that is what I call a HAT TRICK! after watching this magic coin trick tutorial you will be able to produce a bunch of coins from a completely empty hat! make sure to subscribe for more awesome coin trick tutorials and other magic trick tutorials!

Step 1: The Setup

almost all hats in the world have a little flap on the inside, hide a bunch of coins in it. (shown above)

Step 2: The Trick

take off your hat and "show it empty". place the hat face down and shake it causing the coins to fall out.

Step 3: How to Do Awesome Magic Coin Trick With a Hat!