Introduction: How to Do Crazy Magic Trick With Torn Cards!

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In this video I will teach you how to do another really cool magic trick with a deck of cards! this is a really good trick to use for your final trick before you go because it is so good that they will defiantly remember it! This trick is so mind blowing! I highly recommend you try this trick out! I am not even joking this is probably one of my favorite tricks at this point! SPOILER ALERT! this trick requires a deck switch, you may think deck switches are hard to get away with like I use to think, but the trick to getting away with a deck switch is after you do it distract them from the fact you went to your pocket or box. talk a little about stuff, be a real entertainer. the idea is don't instantly continue with the big magical surprise after the switch. don't rush, you want people to forget about you going to your pockets or your box. Remember that, and you will not get caught with your switch. This trick is really crazy but with any trick you must have a good presentation and preform the trick well because otherwise if you do not preform the trick well the trick will not do the work for you. a common mistake I see mainly with newer magicians who just started doing magic tricks recently is they think just because they know how a trick is done they can do it. obviously we know this is not the case but sometimes newer magicians need to be reminded about that.I would call this trick easy to do and can be accomplished by beginners with little practice but the cool thing about magic tricks is even though the trick is so dead simple to do it is still more effective than harder tricks. I find that this is usually the same with any magic trick that is easy enough to be accomplished by beginners. Do not use this as a excuse to not run through it before preforming the trick though. even if you know exactly what you are doing it is always a good idea to run through the trick before using it because no matter how good you are you can always mess up. There is not a single good magician on earth that doesn't mess up tricks sometimes. This trick is so crazy! the thought of taking a ordinary deck of cards and making every card tear up magically except for their card is absolutely mind blowing to the spectator!

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