Introduction: How to Do Fire Style:Fireball Jutsu 6 Handsigns

Hi Uchiha Members Here Is Your Clans Signature Jutsu!

Step 1: Step 1:Handsign:Snake/Serpent

This is the Serpent/Snake Handsign so sorry its not a good pic

Step 2: Handsign:Sheep

easy Put up the last handsign then put up two fingers in the front of your Serpent/Snake handsign then move you r left two fingers down and it should look like that

Step 3: Handsign:Monkey

Just put your hands straight on top if each other then put your right hand pinkie in the slot your left fingers thumb is in

Step 4: Handsign:Boar

The anime may trick you this picture is correct

Step 5: Handsign:Horse

Be careful you might break your bones with this 😂😂😂

Step 6: Handsign:Tiger

Like the first handsign the snake/serpent put your two middle fingers up together straight