Introduction: How to Do a Simple Card Trick

In this instructable, I'll show you how to do a super simple card trick.


All you need is a deck of cards :)

Step 1: Shuffle the Deck

Shuffle the deck in front of the person you're showing the trick to. You can even let them shuffle. This is just to get rid of any suspicion. After it's shuffled, layout the cards like I did in the picture to show the person that there's no special order. While they're looking at the cards, make sure you memorize the fourth card in the deck. This is the most important part. If you don't remember the fourth card, you'll mess up the trick.

Step 2: Shuffle (again)

Shuffle the deck again while keeping the top 4 in the same place (the rest of the deck doesn't matter, just make sure the top 4 stay in the same place). After you've shuffled, split the deck in two. Make sure they're somewhat even. Keep track of which side has the fourth card that you memorized (I put the half with the memorized card on the left, but it doesn't matter which side you do).

Step 3: The Interesting Part

Tell the person that you can tell what the fourth card of a side is by looking at the fourth card of the other side. Look at the fourth card of the side that DOESN'T have the card you memorized. Now, memorize that card. Now that you looked at the fourth card, tell the person that you know what the fourth card of the other side is (now you see why you had to memorize it?). Tell them what card it'll be and let them look at the fourth card. Ta-da!

Step 4: Shuffle (again,again)

After you've shown them the trick, tell them you can do it multiple times. Make sure you still remember the fourth card from the other side, not the one you just revealed (that one doesn't matter anymore). Shuffle the deck again but put the half with the card you memorized on top. While shuffling the deck, make sure the top four cards stay unchanged, just like we did at the beginning.

Step 5: Continue

After you finish shuffling (keeping the top four in the same place), split the deck in two. Seem familiar? It's the same thing we did at the beginning. From then on, you can do the whole card trick again. You can do the trick as many times as you want.