Introduction: How to Do the One Handed Fan

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Many people were asking for a tutorial on the one handed fan so in this
video I will show you how to do the one handed fan! the one handed fan is a really simple flourish and I think that the one handed fan is mandatory for any beginner magician. as a magician it is important to be able to spread out cards nicely as you will do it a lot. fans are some of the best ways to do it so this one handed fan is defiantly worth learning! Once you learn the one handed fan you will be able to do many of the other tricks requiring the one handed fan on my channel as I have done many tricks requiring the one handed fan!

Step 1: Step 1

hold the deck as shown above

Step 2: Step 2

plaice thumb on deck and remove index/pinky from deck

Step 3: Step 3

spread cards with thumb