Introduction: How to Draw Best Complex Zentangle Art Design


In this tutorial i am showing how to make Beautiful Zentangle Design :)

Watch & Learn.

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Step 1: Lets Start

Start the sketch from the right bottom corner.

start it by making a leaf like piece.

Step 2: Basic Full Art Blueprint

From the leaf structure, connect 3 bigger leaves as shown in the picture.

Plus a pipe like shape on the top left corner.

Step 3: Lets Fill in the Space

Lets start and fill the space now.

Start from the first leaf from left and draw horizontal lines close to each other with narrow gap.

Step 4: Its the Best Design Till Now

Start making the borders outline with a black marker.

Step 5: Getting in Shape

Fill in the right leaf with vertical divider sections.

Fill in the boxes alternatively with black marker.

Step 6: Zig Zag / Vertical

Fill in the right leaf with zig zag cross lines.

And in left on that leaf draw vertical straight lines close to each other

Step 7: We Are Half Way Through

On the right of the leaf draw a net of lines but this time with a broader marker drawing dark and broad lines.

Step 8: The Right Corner

Now we will fill the leaf that we started the sketch with, we will fill it with small circles connecting to each other

Step 9: Looking for Some Detailing

covering the outer side of the leaf with some detailing stuff

Step 10: Inside of Leaf.

Watch carefully and draw the inner portion of the leaf

Its quiet easy and drawn in mirror image form, opp sides are same in this design

Step 11: Done 60%

we are more than half way through this sketch.

Step 12: Left Bottom Corner

Detailing done for the bottom left corner.

Step 13: Its Easy If You Follow the Steps Carefully

Its easy if you follow the steps carefully

Step 14: First Leaf From Right Now

finishing the extreme right leaf, follow the steps and do it as i have done

Step 15: Left Leaf

Watch carefully and draw the sections i made in this leaf design.

Step 16: Some Final Touch Ups

Making some final touch ups to the center of the leaf to finish it up.

Step 17: And Its Done..

I hope you liked the final outcome.

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