Introduction: How to Draw Best Complex Zentangle Design


In this tutorial i am showing how to draw a Very Complex Beautiful Zentangle Design :)

Watch & Learn.

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Step 1: Lets Begin

Well to start off.

We will make a circle to begin with. you can select the radius as per your choice, cover the circle with a square surrounding the circle from outside.

Inside the circles from the center make 6 squares each inside of one another as shown in the picture.

Step 2: Blueprint Part 2

After completing part 1 of blueprint, from all the four side of outer most square, make a cone like structure from all the four sides.

divide that cone shape into 3 parts as shown in the picture

Step 3: Rough to Fair Work

Its time to give this picture the actual look.

We will begin doing all the rough blueprint with a thin black marker, with the help of scale and a compass like i use it every time.

Step 4: Squares From Pencil to Pen

After making the outer portion with black marker, we will cover the squares now with marker

Step 5: Fill in the Gaps

As shown in the picture with the help of a scale cover all the rough sketch into black marker print.

Step 6: Black Gaps

In this first we will cover the outer small straight light cutting the cone shape.

then cover the first square with black cover and cover it full.

Start dropping straight lines in a circle formation like a sun rays pattern, in the space between the circle outer side and the square.

Step 7: Sun Ray in Full Motion

After completing the previous step, start filling the sun ray pattern with full black marker alternatively.

Keep one section empty and other section with black color.

Step 8: Its Time for the Corners

Well in this step after completing the sun ray pattern, start filling the corners now.

In each corner, we will cover it alternatively as shown in the video.

Step 9: Squares One by One

Now it time for fill the squares one by one.

In the next square after the black one make a zig zag formation and fill on side with black color.

In one more square fill it with a cross zig zag formation with black color in the corners.

Step 10: Almost Done

In this step the square will b finished by giving a cross line formation.

then covering the portion on the outside of the biggest square with a cross lines formation.

drawing straight lines from both sides in cross formation.

after this again in the next section a zig zag formation and cover it again one side with black color.

Step 11: Its Done..

I hope you guys liked it.

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