Introduction: How to Draw Best Complex Zentangle Design


In this tutorial i am showing how to draw a Very Complex Beautiful Zentangle Design :)

Watch & Learn.

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Step 1: The Blueprint,

Well to begin with it is very important to make the blue print of the sketch in right proportion.

In this design we will b making 3 triangles joining one in the other as shown i the picture.

And all three will be in descending order in size, if you will notice from Right to Left.

There will be 2 circles covering all three triangles.

Step 2: From Blueprint to Actual Shape

In this notice carefully of all the areas that are been covered by the black marker and what not.

Use compass and a Scale to draw lines with perfection.

Step 3: First Triangle on the Right

we will be taking one triangle at a time.

I used a compass and make several sections in the triangle, which i will be covering it one by one.

So watch it in the video or look at the picture and make these sections in the triangle.

Step 4: Now Its the Left Triangle

As we did in the Triangle on the right side

Its time for the triangle on the left hand side.

With the help of a compass make several sections in it as i did.

Step 5: Start Giving It the Shape

On the Right Triangle we will begin giving it the designs and will start from the center.

Look in the picture carefully and watch in the video.

Step 6: Half Way Through Right Triangle

Giving it a leaf like design after covering the center.

Enhancing the design with a big black circles in the center.

Step 7: Right Triangle Almost Done

finally we will give it a leaf like design again but with a different style. its a two way now from both sides.

Watch it in the video how i did that design if you want to know better.

Step 8: Right Side Is Finished.

On the edges of the Right side design.

We are covering it with a two way zig zag pattern which in the kind of give an effect of squares shape been joined.

We will give circles or small dots in the center and in the sides to finish it off.

Step 9: Left Side of the Design Now

Begin with making a cross design and the make circles on the left side of it and

cover the right side with black cover full.

Step 10: Almost Done..

In this i will be doing my all time favorite pattern that i love to in almost all of my designs.

Step 11: And Its Done...

I hope you all liked it. If you have any issues please go through the video again and

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Sarabjeet Singh