Introduction: How to Draw Best Zentangle Design


In this tutorial i am showing how to make Beautiful Zentangle Design :)

This one is one of my Favorite one.

Watch & Learn.

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Step 1: 1

To begin this beautiful zentangle design, start it with a 2 curvy wavy lines and to close the end on both the sides with a bold black dot as shown in the video and picture.

Step 2: 2

Now make a flower pattern on one side and

draw small flower pattern across the lines on one side as shown in the picture.

Step 3: 3

Cover the flower pattern with another similar line pattern.

And fill it with black small circle in between every semi circle.

Please refer the video and picture for better clarity.

Step 4: 4

On the right hand side now draw 5 leaves pattern

and bold it with a marker, make a zigzag pattern inside like i did, or you can draw any pattern of your choice.

Step 5: 5

Draw a big and long leaf like shape from right top to right bottom.

Step 6: 6

Inside the big leaf like structure, draw a couple of semi circles and make diagonal straight lines.

and make it look more pretty by drawing small dots through out the leaf

Step 7: 7

On the left top side draw 2 leaves and make it bold by markers.

Just below the leaves draw a flower pattern as shown in the picture.

Step 8: 8

Just below the flower pattern that we did in the previous step.

Make a small circular flower and a leaf next to it.

Make the borders bold

Step 9: 9

join the right side by making a couple of big leaves to make it look pretty,

Give the boldness to make it look nice.

you can choose the size of your leaves.

Step 10: Its Done!!!1

In the end Give a nice dotted design across your design

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